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Submitting Wallpapers

Please note these rules before making your submission.

  • Submitted wallpapers must be 1024x768 pixels large.
  • Send wallpapers in JPG or PNG format, not ZIP or BMP or GIF.
    If your wallpaper is sent in PNG format please note that it will be converted to JPG format.
  • Do not send the exact same wallpaper multiple times.

Please only submit wallpapers that you yourself have created. Please brand your wallpaper with your e-mail address or screen name to show that its yours. I will be checking to make sure that there are no fraudulent wallpapers. If I find out that a wallpaper has been used elsewhere and its NOT under YOUR name, you will receive an e-mail asking you to withdraw your submission.

Your submissions will be credited with a link to your name and e-mail address/website under any wallpaper that has been submitted by you. Other details, and any special requests you may have, can be handled via email.

Please remember that by submitting your work, you grant me an exclusive, right to use it on my site. No one else may use your wallpaper on their site without contacting you first.

Thank you, and please keep the submissions coming.
Send submissions via e-mail to
If this account is full please redirect your submissions to

"I've submitted my wallpaper. What now?"

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