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I don't know how you've done it, but you've stumbled across the OFFICIAL website of your favorite wrestler and mine, Phobia. Don't be fooled by all those other phony sites. So just sit right back, click on a few of the links, and enjoy the ride.

Last Updated 11/17/00

Phobia claims wrestling's greatest prize!!!

Ya damn right. In case you haven't heard, on Wednesday Backdraft, I defeated the 'Awesome' one, Adam King for the GFWA World Heavyweight Championship (read all about it in the latest match section). I'm King of the world!!! Okay, maybe I'm not king of the world, but I'm king of the wrestling world.

The IWO, FWF, WWF, or WCW may all claim to be the best wrestling organization in the world, but all of them pale in comparison to the GFWA. Since the BWO closed, the GFWA has emerged as the single greatest wrestling federation, possibly ever...And I'm Champion. That means that I am the best wrestler in the world, no doubt about it.

Adam King and are even now, with him beating me once and me getting the best of him in our latest bout. We are set to square off for the rubber match at the Winter Harvest PPV next week. This match could be the culmination of one of the greatest feuds possibly ever. Adam King is regarded as the greatest Champ the GFWA has ever had and if I beat him again, my name has got to be put up there alongside his.

After I beat King next Wednesday, then what? Who's my challenger? There's no one in the GFWA that deserves a shot. There's no one in the GFWA that has beaten me except for Adam King, and don't be surprised if he leaves town after I whup on him next week. So, once I get past King, it looks to be smooth sailing towards a nice, long Title reign.

That's all for now. Be sure to check back periodically, as I'll be updating regularly and you all know you're so interested in hearing what I have to say. Hey, I may even mention you, so do yourself a favor and come on back every once in a while.

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