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  My 1st and everyday car, Phoenix as she's known (it's from the paint job, obviously), is a 1979 1100cc GL, 2 door, with some quite large cosmetic changes and a cool yet original number plate. I'll give her story with me, my plans for her and some cool photos.
  Throughout the site I'll give little hints I've picked up along the way but I don't know loads, so if you own a classic car and want good sound advice and a great read aimed at you then read Practical Classics it really is cool. Check  out the latest news for new stuff!
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Photos of Pheonix (in "classicford"!)
Super Minx
Last updated 25/07/2005
Latest News Updated 19/4/05
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  This site is devoted to my Mk2 Escort, Mini and Super Minx, plus a few other cars I've owned or work on. Hope you like the new look!
The Rebuild!!!!
Lastest Escort photos
All change, new engine new look, and 3 weeks later another new look thanks to the Ring
Crash, Bang, Wollop! Fixing time
Cortina - Sold
Katie's Mini
Pheonix's Story with me
Oh dear the ring ate my car!
Other people's cars
Pink?! Mini
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