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My name is Peg. I used to be a schoolteacher, (Art and Elementary Education). On this web site I have a children's book I authored in college, and later used to teach art to children when I was an Art Teacher.

The Secret of Colors

I wrote the "Secret of Colors", as children's literature, a short book to teach art to kids. The premise of this children's book is to teach the basic art concept of colors- mixing the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) to create the secondary colors (orange, purple green). The unique thing about the "Secret of Colors" is that it was designed to be multi-use; that is, it rhymes as a poem, reads as a fairy-tale, and each page was designed to "stand-alone" as a picture. During the years I was an Elementary Art Teacher, I used my book to teach the color mixing concept. Also, my book motivated the children to create their own books.

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