My mom and I have a business called BiliArts. We make different art pieces in our workshop and go out to different festivals to sell them.

  My mom makes bowls and containers out of gourds. She also makes leaf necklaces out of gourds.  We both marble wooden boxes. I make anklets (out of marbled beads), pop-up jesters, jesters on a stick, doll head pins, and dolls.

Click on the "Wares" link to the top left to see photos of our work. The "Tent & Display" link has photos of our tent and displays that we use at the different festivals.

Come see us at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival in PA and at The Forest Festival in Elkins, WV. (See links below for more info on the festivals.)

If you have any questions and/or would like to purchase a piece, use the contact info on the left. Thanks!
Contact info for BiliArts:
Name: BiliArts
Pam Bilisoly
P.O. Box 100
Coalton, WV 26257
Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival
The Forest Festival
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