Yangmingshan National Park:

Chi and Self-Hypnotism Kit !
Using this small kit,
maybe you can experience 'Chinese Chi Energy' feeling,
and also do some 'self-hypnotism' changing-or-inputing 'Believes' for yourself !!!

* Note:
when you're playing this "Chi" and "Self-Hypnotism" Kit,
you can 'turn-off' your internet-connecting-line,
and it'll save your energy for others using.

you can type any belief which you want to "input-or-change" into your mind,
when you're playing this small kit,
if you're feeling any "heat, cold, vibrating, itch,...," in the small part your body,
then these phenomenon are "Chi" displaying forms.

The Playing Trick Is:
1. first, you input your desire 'belief' words.
2. then 'try out' what 'flash-frequence' is the most comfortable for yourself.
you can enter number 1-100, then press keyboard 'Return(Enter) key' to renew it
recommend: frist trying is from 'flash-frequence' 3-15 in pre-second,
since some experiments found this,
in 'flash-frequence' 5-18 it could very easy produce 'Chi' feeling,
3. then sit back ...,
using 'easy' and 'release' feeling to see 'clear' these 'flash words'.

Have a lot fun for EveryOne !!!

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