Welcome to our family of three generations all with Mini's.

Starting Out
First let me tell you that my son is by trade a printer and with his love for the mini he has learned to weld using oxeye acetylene, tig and mig also he is self tort in spry painting, anyway this was the start five years ago on rebuilding the car, we had taken out its engine and jacked the car up to rest on four stands then we removed the front sub frame and the drive shafts with the steering column and all the other components within the engine bay. We also took off the doors and empted the inside of the car. My son as seen is cutting away all the corroded parts and then plating and re-welding all the damaged arrears making the car much stronger, after this was completed we prepared the car for its Gray primer coats of pain this took us over three months and the cold weather had now set in and so the work now stopped until warmer weather Oct: 2002.
It is now March 2003 and in this photo of the inner wing that's in full primer, we always take out the air ducks from all the Mini's we own as this will in time course root on the inner wing, door-pillars, and on the A panel then spreading to the inside floor of the car this is manly is due to road dirt and rain lodging on top of the air pipes and then eventually corroding the inner wings and its like a metal cancer that spreads far and long. You can see that thicker metal was used on the door hinge area this will make the car last much longer. By the way it is best to clean around air pipes arrears every month.
Here you can see that the front end as been cut away and a completely new one weldered on and a new A panel also, my son is filling in with filler the small depressions made by the heat from the mig welder . We always use five primary coats with a rub down with fine wet and dry paper.
Always have a good ventilation and keep your eyes covered and wear a good mask, when I was in hospital the man in the next bed had been spraying twin pack paint and he never used a mask or covered his eyes with the result that he took poison in through his eyes and mouth and eventually dead after two weeks . It is now cold and we are closing the garage for winter.
March 2004/ The Boot floor was very bad so Martyn my son decided to cut it all out and weld in a new one this included a new battery box and using primer pain and then finish with it's top coats. My son altered the rear valance and cut away the lip that should have held the rear bumper
To make the car a bit different and make it stand out we decided to paint the car half in cream and the other half in bright red
The front brakes have been replaced and painted with a heat resistant paint
Now its time to refit the doors we have made the holes a bit larger on the hanging stay braket so that we could move the door up or down and right and left to gain the best fit.
We have never refit a roof liner in the last 30 years but the car needed one it cost about 40 and I thought it would be best to lay the old liner on top of the new one and make out in pensel were we needed to cut and past the glue we had from Wilks.We put back the roof stay bars in order as they came out and started at the back of the car in refitting the liner to the pencel marks that we had made and then did the front in the same way and the sides.
We then fit the front using the the pencel marks and then let the sun do its work.
After a day or two the head liner tightend up and now it looks great.
This could happen to your Mini if you do not clean out the dirt on the under side of the inner wings.
This is how it looks from the back of the car.The cold weather had now set in and so the work as stopped its Oct: 2005.
Its the 11 of March 2006. All we need to do now is fit the engine and do the bracks,lights,seats,wheels and send it for its MOT.It has taken over four years just working six hours on a Saturday


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