Sometimes it takes a big change in our lives for us to notice what we have had for a long time, and never noticed. My best friend Tracy recently sold her home, and made a big move to another city. On her last day of work she was asked to say a few words to her fellow workers, and the residents at the nursing home she worked. Here's what she shared with them. I think she's right!!!

I have never been a person to say "Good Bye". So instead of saying "Good Bye" I'd like to tell all of you "Thank You!" I have enjoyed my 12 1/2 years of service. I have taken care of many people, and learned many things from them.

I'd also like to share a personal little story with you. I just sold my house, which was my home for six years. The last afternoon I spent in my home I viewed out the window to see a blue jay in the apple tree, a tear rolled down my cheek. I didn't recall seeing one since the day I moved into my house. Of course they were out there I just didn't take the time to view one of God's creations, or even to hear the song they were given to sing.

This is so much like everybody's daily life, we are too busy to do the things we aren't required to do. Whether it be, listening to a song a bird has to sing... or viewing a rosebud before it's in full bloom... or even saying "Hello" to a stranger, saying "Thank You".. Giving a smile.. Saying a prayer.. Telling someone you care.. There are so many things we don't do.. because we are not required to do...

The meaning of all this is.. life has a lot to offer, if you only take the time to enjoy it, and let people know you care...

We all are able to give to one another, as for smiles are free, and so are kind words...

With all that.. I'll end with a big "Thank You".. Thank you to each and every one of you for touching my life, I hope I have also touched yours!

In God's Love,
Tracy Cunningham

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