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Microsoft Office software Overview

Microsoft Office suites have been increasing the productivity level of users since 1989. Although the configurations have changed over the years, they typically include bundles of software programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and more, depending on which suite you purchase.

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The best popular Microsoft Office software:

  • Microsoft Office XP Professional
  • Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009
  • Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007
  • Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007
  • Office System Professional 2003
  • Microsoft OneNote 2003 Pro
  • Microsoft Office 2000 Premium Edition
  • Microsoft Office 2008 Mac
  • Microsoft Office 2004 for MAC

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    "If you don't have Microsoft Office software on your computers, you can't be in business."

    Even in the other universe, the world of Apple's Mac, Microsoft Office software has more than a small foothold. It's become a defacto standard, so solidly entrenched that there's no need to even discuss it, there isn't a real alternative to Microsoft Office software if you want your text and spreadsheet to be seen by others. In a way, because of the huge marketshare that Microsoft Office software demands, its success going forward is built in, at least for now. And Microsoft Office software is an excellent product, constantly improving as more and more features become available. Anyone familiar with the Microsoft Office software evolution has seen the improvements over time.

    Obviously, you can think of exceptions to this statement. Or can you? Microsoft Office software has embedded itself into the business structure so completely, that most people have never even heard of any word processor other than Word, which is just one component of a larger suite of Microsoft Office software.

    New versions of Microsoft Office software include features that were once luxuries, like a tool that reads your writing on a tablet. Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage, and Word all come bundled in Microsoft Office software packages licensed to both individuals and multiparties across both pc and Mac platforms. It's so popular that new computers are often sold with a version of Microsoft Office software included in the purchase price.

    What's Inside Microsoft Office Software

    The incredibly powerful Microsoft Office software tool set includes the following applications, each designed to work with other Microsoft Office software components:

    Microsoft Office Software includes Publisher
    When you have to look good on paper, online, or on the screen, this is the Microsoft Office software component to fire up. From web based documents to sophisticated desktop publishing layouts, this Microsoft Office software app can handle the job. Online help, access across apps, and professional output mark this Microsoft Office software powerhouse.

    Microsoft Office Software includes Excel
    The accountant's standard of standards, Excel is the best known, most used, most imitated spreadsheet program in the Microsoft Office software suite. The ability to export and import data into other applications is one of the great strengths of Microsoft Office software.

    Microsoft Office Software includes Access
    This Microsoft Office software tool enables access to vital functions like databases and offers simplified processes to handle data. With a web interfact and onine help, this Microsoft Office software component offers true power at your fingertips.

    Microsoft Office Software includes Outlook
    Most of us are familiar with this emailing application that integrates with the rest of the suite and gives Microsoft Office software many simple, yet powerful capabilities. Combined with Internet Explorer, or other browser, this Microsoft Office software asset has become an email standard.

    Microsoft Office Software includes PowerPoint
    One of the most used presentation tools in modern business, PowerPoint is Microsoft Office software that earns its keep. It's a multimedia presenting format that enables a powerful presentation of ideas - this Microsoft Office software tool uses both audio and visual elements to communicate plans, proposals, reports, etc.

    Microsoft Office Software includes OneNote
    In some ways, this is a magical Microsoft Office software innovation for those who can't type. It's a versatile note taking tool, and this Microsoft Office software component enables the user to define the note taking methodology. Capable of making your handwriting text searchable, this Microsoft Office software tool is great for the visually oriented, keyboard averse.

    Microsoft Office Software includes InfoPass
    Handling and gathering information is what this Microsoft Office software is all about. Its brilliance is that it enables the migration of information across other Microsoft Office software applications.

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