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Updates and News

-Mar. 30th 2002-
Well i'm not sure how many of these updates i'm going to be doing. But here is a list of some of the wizards up dates for the past week or so. The new paper terrian is here as well as two new minis in the "Model Tactics" series and of course the Downloadable rulebook. So follow the links below and they will take you were you want to be.
Rustic Bridge
Comperhensive Rulebook
Human Warriors

-Mar. 23rd 2002-
Well the Howler is the latest mini to make Wizards "Model Tactics" list. I picked up this Fig, haven't used it yet but i'm not sure how good its going to work out. Guess we'll have to read the tactics and see what to do with them. Follow the link below and check it out.

-Mar. 21st 2002-
Well even though Wizards says their in Drazens Horde, we all know that the Grimlock Trooper is the new Merc that came out this month. It also happens to be the new fig. to make the "Model Tactics" list this week. So as always follow the link below to check them out. Shouldn't Wizards be posting the downloadable Rule Book this week? And fix the link they have on their site to this fig? Keep your fingers crossed.
Grimlock Trooper

-Mar. 19th 2002-
Isn't it strange that the day after I change my mini of the day that Wizards makes it next on their "Model Tactics" list? I think they're watching me like big brother muh-haha. Anyways follow the link below and read up on Ahumts new addition, The Skeletal Dwarf Soldier
Skeletal Dwarf Soldier

-Mar. 14th 2002-
The Spitting Felldrake is the next Chainmail mini to make the "Model Tactics" list. I think the felldrakes would be the only reason I would think of playing Ravilla. So follow the link below to check it out.
Spitting Felldrake

-Mar. 12th 2002-
The next fig in the "Model Tactics" series is the Ogre Delver. Damn Wizards makeing us wait for this Mini. Its a personal fav. of mine. So like always follow the link below and check out how to use this awesome figure.
Ogre Delver

-Mar. 12th 2002-
Well the day we have all been waiting for is here. Wizards has posted the Terrian that all of us in our league keep asking others for LOL. Just follow the link below to get your new terrian. Also they have a print out of what the terrian does. Hows that for customer service. I say Way to go Wizards.
Downloadable Terrain

-Mar. 10th 2002-
Bravenet has fixed the problems that they had on their servers so the message board and polls are back up. I've changed the message board to a F.A.Q board. Ask your questions there and anyone can feel free to answer them. once they are answered I'll be adding it to the F.A.Q section.

-Mar. 9th 2002-
Next we have the Gray Elf Warriors to make the "Model Tactics" list. So Follow the link below to check it out. Also I'll have a link to my e-mail. I'd like to get some pictures of people models. So if you have a mini that you think should be seen send it over.
Gray Elf Warrior

-Mar. 7th 2002-
Well the latest Mini to make the ever growing, ever popular "Model Tactics" series is here. The new addition (isn't that an pop band from the 80's?) is the Orc Trooper. One more thing before I close this out, if anyone from Wizards is looking at this, I had some probs with my Orc. Is there any way I can get one with the spear not broke? Anyway follow the link below.
Orc Trooper

-Mar. 5th 2002-
Yet again it's Tuesday so Wizards has updated their "Model Tactics" part of the site. The Otyugh made the list this time. So follow the link below.

-Mar. 3rd 2002-
Pretty much the same story as before but this time its the Gnoll Warrior. If you would like to check this out follow the link below it check out the latest Mini on the "Model Tactics" ever growing list.
Gnoll Warrior

-Mar. 2nd 2002-
Well its Five in the morning where I am and I was checking out Wizards site and they added a new figure to the "Model Tactics" site. Ahmut's Ghoul is the next Mini to make the list. Follow the link and check it out.

-Mar. 1st 2002-
Well even with my ISP running at a snails pace I was able to get a link to the next Chainmail Mini to make the ever growing list of "Model Tactics". The newest addition... The Dwarf Ranger. So like always follow the link below and check it out.
Dwarf Ranger

-Feb. 28th 2002-
Here's the next figure to make the "Model Tactics" list. Its the Aasimar Cleric. Follow the link below to check it out.
Aasimar Cleric

-Feb. 27th 2002-
I've got a couple updates from Wizards for everyone. The first is the new "Errata" for this month. I've glanced it over and has some good info in it worth reading over. The second is "Battle Sheets". This is a great idea for everyone that wants to use their chainmail figs in D&D. So follow the links below.
Feb 2002 Errata
Battle Sheets

-Feb. 26th 2002-
I've updated the "League Rules" page with the season 3 info. It has all the data about the upcoming league that starts on the 2nd of March. Also to those in our league don't forget the league meeting on Fri. March 1st.

-Feb. 26th 2002-
Been a pretty slow day. Had some probs with the dog at the vet. Wizards has the next figure in the "Model Tactics" up. And this time around its the Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist. Follow the link below.
Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist

-Feb. 23rd 2002-
The Saturday update of the "Model Tactics" series is up and running on Wizards Site. Follow the link below and check it out.
Tiefling Fighter

-Feb. 22nd 2002-
Stats for the figures coming out this week are up. Click the links on the left to check them out.

-Feb. 21st 2002-
I've added the Kilsek and Mercenaries to the list of factions and posted the stats for the Drow Warrior and Ogre Mercenary. I'll be working on the warband page as soon as more come in.

-Feb. 21st 2002-
Wizards has the newest model in there "Model Tactics" section. The newest edition, The Dwarf Thunderslasher. So follow the link below to check it out.
Dwarf Thunderslasher

-Feb. 20th 2002-
I've Updated the Warbands page with the ones that people have sent so far. I still need your help to keep filling it up. So send your warband to my E-mail.

-Feb. 19th 2002-
The Drow Warrior is the next in the ever-growing list of models in Wizards "Model Tactics" series. So follow the link below and take a look.
Model Tactics: Drow Warrior

-Feb. 19th 2002-
I've posted this on Wizards board but I've only had very little response(actually just 1). So if you have a good warband send it over to me. I'll be working on the warband page until the new league starts.

-Feb. 18th 2002-
Well after two days of trying I finally have the stats up on the site. I'll be putting up the Drow Warrior and the Ogre Mercenary in a day or so. If you would like to view the stats just click the Faction name on the left.

-Feb. 16th 2002-
While checking out Wizards site at 4:00 am I saw that they added the Crazed Minotaur Cultist to the Model tactics list. Also they have another update for the Warband Generator. Click the links below to view them.
Crazed Minotaur Cultist
Warband Generator Update

-Feb. 15th 2002-
Well as tonight was the last night of the league here are your winners. Tied for First is Ryan and Robert, with or with-out a tie breaking game either one would be Second place. Third place is Brian and Fourth place goes to Will. This is just for the first 4 weeks. The one day Tourny will be held next Friday. Also post your ideas for the Multi-player game on the message boards.

-Feb. 15th 2002-
I just got this news from Jeremy Mueller at Its the league info until October. Check out the news page for the details, then post what you think on the message boards.

-Feb. 14th 2002-
While Wizards message board is down you could take a look at wizards website. They added a new model to the "Model Tactics" section, and they also added a update to the "Warband Generator" Follow the links below,
Model Tactics: Bugbear Trooper
Model Tactics: Pulverizer
Warband Generator Set 2 Update

-Feb. 14th 2002-
Well Wizards chat board is still down. I saw there message yesterday that said they would be up at 3pm. Well they might be down but chainmailplayers has theirs up. The link is under the Mini of the Day.

-Feb. 14th, 2002-
The site has just had a major face lift. Hopefully everyone will like the new look. I think it looks pretty cool.

-Feb. 5th, 2002-
Wizards has just posted both a "Frequently Asked Questions" and "New Errata Update". Just follow the links below to read these articles.

-Feb. 1st, 2002-
Are any other chainmail players out there sick of the flat terrain cards that you get in the starter set and faction boxes? Do you want to make your own but don't have a lot of cash? Well thankfully for us WotC has the answer. Foldup Paper Models. I'm posting links to the three parts they have up on their site. If anyone in the league that has a good printer and would like to print these out for league use that be great. Follow the links below.
City Walls
Woodman's Hut

-Jan. 28th, 2002-
I was checking out the real "Mychainmail" site today and they have posted the cards for the new figs. This should help out those in the league that would like to know what factions the new figs fall under. Just follow the link.

Sneak Peek 2

-Jan. 27th, 2002-
I was looking at Wizards online store and I found a picture of the new rule book "Blood and Darkness". I thought I would post it so you can all take a look at it before it comes out this week.

-Jan. 25th, 2002-
I checked out the Chainmail Message Board today and this is what I found.

I just wanted to give you a heads up on some rules that will be updated in Season 3.
The reason I'm sharing this with you now is that we wouldn't mind if you implemented
these rules in your Season 2 Leagues.

"This season, all warbands must follow the faction rules, and players must declare their factions on their scoresheets.
Each player's warband must remain consistent with the appropriate faction's rules.
A player's warband may now change during the season.

This season a player may change their faction but must then lose 5 league points.
If a player changes their faction they must write "changed faction" in the
"opponent's name" space and then minus 5 points to calculate their current score.

New Releases "Models are legal for use in the Chainmail League as soon as the guidebook
that explains their new abilities is released."

There you have it.

The "New Releases" rule means that all Set 2 models will be legal as soon as Blood & Darkness is in your hands.

Hopefully these new rules will make League even better to play in.

Kierin Chase
New Program Development Manager
Wizards of the Coast

So what does this mean?
It means that you cah use Set 2 figures in season 2 league with these 3 exceptions

1.) You can use them as soon as Blood and Darkness comes out on Jan. 29th, 2002

2.) You may not change you warband in the middle of a game.
Only before a game with a player, or after the game is over.

3.) You may only change your warband ONCE in this season.

Hopefully this will please everyone. If not send me an e-mail.

Miniature of the Day

Grimlock Trooper

Grimlock Trooper

Got bored thought I would change to a different fig. Not that I think anyones really looking at it. I really like this fig though. Might have to use them when I get um
Tell me your Favorite figure.

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