Is your new puppy a little out of hand?  Having trouble housebreaking?
When Batman was four months old I decided to enroll him in puppy class in a local obedience school.  People hear the word, "obedience", and automatically assume it as a harsh punishment, as I first did as well.  But, this is not the case.  I enrolled Batman in a five week puppy class with The Dean's List dog training in Norfolk.    The trainers in class strictly believed that you should never spank a dog, or yell at the dog b/c the dog doesn't respond positively to these actions.  After a five week class with my Rat Terrier, Batman, he could perform a number of commands, including Sit, Come when called, leave it, take it, and lay down.  He also learned how to walk on a leash and most of all I came out of the class with a much more well-mannered puppy.  The puppy is only as well-mannered as his or her owner, as the trainers in this class put it, and I think they trained me more than they trained Batman!  I would highly reccomend some form of obedience school to any type of dog'll come out of it with a better understanding of your pet and a better relationship with your pet as well.
The following is a small list of Obedience Schools I've compiled:
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