Natural Walking Sticks... and more!
How Natural Walking Sticks got Started:
While walking my Newf puppy years ago, I used to (and she did as well) collect unusual sticks that we came across on the  paths in the woods. We eventually  amassed quite a collection, some with chew marks, of course, and some that made the fireplace in the winter! But all in all we enjoyed the experience of collecting walking sticks.  Now you can, too!
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  Don't get caught walking, hiking or contemplating without your favorite wooden walking stick, staff, pole, or designer cane!
   Our inventory is only limited by -- your imagination!

    Our personally selected associates have a special wood stick or staff  waiting just for you!
     They will work hard to make sure your selection and purchase is as natural and comfortable as the wood piece you choose!
       To put a smile on your face each time you venture to the great outdoors with nature!
       To scour the Internet to find just the right sticks, staffs, canes, or poles that best represent our mission.






Carefully Chosen Artists and Partners for
Sticks, Staffs,Canes, and Accessories
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           Other Helpful and Interesting Information For You:
- History of the Walking Sticks and Canes
  - Cool info about Hiking
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Hiking Deals!
- HELPFUL LINKS: for your hiking, walking, camping journeys! Trail Maps, apparel, skin, eyes, etc.
- INTERNET STICK STORE: a superb variety of accessories for walkers, hikers, campers, and hunters!
- WORLD-WIDE: select suppliers of manufactured sticks, staff and cane supplies
- UNIQUE BLUE-GRASS TOBACCO STICKS: amazing, antique, and hand-crafted by Ky. artist!
- CUSTOM CARVED HEADS: hand-carved ash Sticks by Colorado artisian! Moose, fish, must see!
Our two top-notch stick/staff artisians from across the USA!  You can't beat genuine craftsmanship!
Our select web affiliates to accessorize your walking/hiking experience!
Other Helpful Info For You! 
- NORDIC POLES: the latest walking/hiking craze to hit the US. What a workout!
... from the woods!
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