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Hello and welcome to my very first attempt at a web page.  Thanks to a  Netscape Navigator template, I am able to make
my unthinkable dream come true.  I hope that you enjoy my site, and continue to visit.  Thanks people.  (Oh, and BTW, bare with me).


My Background

I was born in Baltimore, MD on January 22nd, 1979.  I live in a fairly large and bustling town called
Bel Air, about half an hour east of Baltimore.  I've lived there all my life, which can be somewhat boring at times.
I went to the public schools just down the road: Bel Air Elementary, and Bel Air Middle.
I then decided to pursue a career in carpentry at Harford Technical High School where I graduated in '97.
I then got a job right out of school working for Fairview Builders doing custom home framing.
It is a fun job when you know what you are doing and when things are going good
(like not raining and nobody bothering you).  After working for about a year and a half in the field, I
decided to go to college.  I picked Pennsylvania College of Technology and to study
Architectural Technology (the other side of the business).  I have finally finished my college career and now
work for another custom home framing company.
You can still check out my old small room from last semester.

My Interests

Just to cover the basics, these are some of the things that I'm interested in...
I love to follow NASCAR  racing.  I've been watching for about 9 years now,
and in case you haven't noticed, Rusty Wallace is my favorite driver.
I listen to alternative and rock music, and nothing can get me going more
than a little Metallica.  The Live concert I saw kicked ass as well.
My favorite movie of all time is Spaceballs.
I love to play NASCAR Racing 3, among many other games.
And driving my truck around...

Click here to see my new 1995 Mazda B4000 truck!!!

Contact Me

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AIM screen name: rabkev22
and ICQ #: 50096686

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