Baby, I Love You…I truly do
But sometimes you make me so sad and blue
You make me wonder why I care
But at the same time…I know I’ll always be there
You can be so frustrating, that I just want to cry
But if I ever lost you…I’d curl up and die
You are my Baby, my trusted Best Friend
I know we’ll be together, until the very end
I’m so very sorry for some of what I do and say
I don’t ever mean it…our words just tend to get in the way
You make me so very happy, and I hope you are too
I also hope you know…I’d do anything for you
If I didn’t have my Jay-Jay by my side
I’d want to run from my life –
And try to find another safe place to hide
I’m writing this to you, to show you how much I care
And to let you know…with you,
My whole life I want to share
So please remember, when we fuss and fight
If we weren’t together, it just wouldn’t be right
Baby I Love You…I truly do
You’ll never know how much I’m
Really in Love with You
Now when you’re feeling sad and uptight
Just remember we love each other
And everything will be alright.

~ Leandra Wirth, c2003~

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