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for those who love...
be it friends or lovers, male or female.
There are so many different kinds of love...parent and child, friends and lovers...each is unique and special to us all. Perhaps you may find something on these pages to express those feelings. Send them the page to tell them you are thinking of them. You never know what tomorrow may bring, so tell them now.
Be sure to come back again and again to see what new Dreams and Fantasies are here.



Walk with me and take my hand
Let me lead you into
My World.
Where each day spent together
Must be given and taken
As It Is.
Where I will not be at your side
Day to Day
Nor you, me.
Yet our existence of the other held in
The Heart and Mind.
With the quiet knowledge that
I am There for you and
You are There for me
In Spirit if not in body.
Where we will touch each other
And Forget for the time being
We live in separate worlds.
Where we will make and have
Our Own World.
Where you will come to me
When you can and want to.
Where I will let you In
When I can and want to.
Where we can share our joys anew again
Wipe away the held in tears
And hold each other in Ecstasy
Where we will Be Together
For Now
Then go back to our separate worlds
Until the Next Time.

~ NanookoftheNearNorth 1999

The pictures and poetry on these pages are my own or from friends and credit is given appropriately. However, in some instances they have been sent to me by friends and although I have tried to find out the origins, have been unsuccessful. So if you should see something uncredited on here that you know belongs to someone, please email me. I will be pleased to give credit where it is due, or remove it if you prefer.

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