My Naturist Gardening Page

My name is Peter. I live in Northern California about an hour south of Sacramento.

In my 50 plus years, I have enjoyed a number of hobbies in my life. I have been a competitive rifle and pistol shooter, I have ski raced and played soccer. As my life has changed, so have my interests.

My current interests are gardening, golf and photography. In the last few years, I have also become a naturist.

While I enjoy being nude at the beach or the lake and the social nudity at resorts, I really enjoy gardening nude. The feel of the sun on your skin and the light breeze brushing your body is beyond my ability to describe. You need to try it yourself to see what I mean.

In celebration of the annual "World Naked Gardening Day", I am dedicating this site to gardening.

This site will be constantly changing. Please check back regularly as I would like to share some of my gardening tips and naturist photos with you.

If nudity offends you, please do not proceed.

If you are looking for something erotic, this is not the place and you will be disappointed.
Trimming a Topiary
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