This super sugoi site, built by the super kawaii webmistress, was completed on the 28th of April 2002.

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Yes, you're here and you ain't dreaming. This page will be your guide as you visit the simple yet warm home of our dear couple.  You can stay in this page and read the explanations about their home again and again and visualize their house in big screen for hours as long as you're willing to use up all your internet hours for this.  You can come visit it again anytime you want cause it will be open 24-7.  As you enter, there would be no tickets to be asked from you, only a simple favor- please sign my guestbook.(^.~) Domo Arigato Gozaimas!

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The Front View 

Kenshin and Tomoe lived in an isolated house that no other houses might be seen -even in a minute silhouette- from there.  This picture shows the outside appearance of their simple house.  With a very peaceful environment, the couple enjoyed their stay.  If only time could be stopped while their staying in this place, there would be no other wish the couples could ask for.

The Field

Beside their house, there is a vast field where they spent most of the day planting vegetables.  This planting stuff was all Kenshin's idea and it was during these times when he almost wanted to forget about his life being a hitokiri.  There were times when their plants die because of heavy rains but they still made enough for the winter.


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This super sugoi site, built by the super kawaii webmistress, was completed on the 28th of April 2002.

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