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The story of how it came to be that Scrappy and Bumper entered our lives is a long and complicated one, so I'll try to make it as short as possible :) 

My boyfriend (now ex) found them at the junkyard where he was working in July of 1996.
Can you guess where Bumper was found?
He really only wanted Bumper, (he always wanted a black cat) and only took Scrappy becuase he had been underfoot and crying the past few days.  Everyone had their doubts that Scrappy would make it - he looked like he was on death's door.  When my boyfriend showed up at my front door with them, my immediate reaction was "Oh, they're so cute!", and then, "What are they?"  They really didn't look like cats.  They were so young - barely bigger than my hand - and they were covered in dirt. 


      I convinced my parents to let them stay at our house (since they needed 24 hour supervision) while my boyfriend went to work during the day.  First, I was just the baby-sitter, but it wasn't long before my family was paying for everything ourselves; vet bills, bottles, formula, etc.  Needless to say, I had also become very attatched to them.  I had to bathe them numerous amounts of times to get them clean, pick off fleas, and teach them how to use a bottle.  The poor things couldn't even walk without tipping over.  

~It took Scrappy a little while to learn the difference between a chew toy and his sister's tail~ This is why he was named Scrappy~

I had always wanted my cats to get along with Destiny, but for the most part, Shadow and Buffy kept their distance from him (and from each other).  The addition of the kittens brought many changes to our family - we realized just how individual each animals' personality is.
As much as the kittens bonded to me, they
both took a great liking to Destiny.  Although it brought me great joy to see them getting along, it also saddened me to realize how vulnerable they were; still searching for their mother.  

A small, but very bitter custody battle arose when I decided that I wanted to keep the kids.  Not only did my boyfriend lack the time, energy, and money to raise them properly, but his reasons for wanting them were horrible.  His plan was to have them as outdoor cats, not have them fixed, and turn them into "warrior cats"; to help get rid of the rat problem in the alley behind his house.  The rodents would also be their source of food.  Obviously, I refused to give them back.  I lost a boyfriend, but gained two wonderful creatures.
Scrappy and Bumper are definately the best of friends.  They fight occasionally, as all siblings do, but they're so affectionate with each other.
They love sleeping and cuddling with each other, and take turns cleaning one another.

Despite how close they are, they have extremely different personalties.
Bumper Beatrice is a very quiet and shy girl.
She enjoy her independance, so when she does want to cuddle, it's extra special.  She's very polite, and will usually just put one paw on you, and will wait until you tell her it's okay before she does anything else.
She's somewhat of a drama queen as well.  Just recently, she picked up the habit of walking in front of people, then all of a sudden collapsing on the floor and looking up at you helplessly with her big blue eyes.  The only time she ever loses her cool is when cheese is around - she even recognizes the sound of the plastic being opened.  She was my number one fan for a while, as I was a cheese lover myself - but then I stopped eating dairy.  She definately does not like the vegan cheese!

Scrappy Dapper Do (we renamed him after he got cleaned up) is the complete opposite of Bumper.  Everyone who's ever met him (even our vet) agrees that he is a strange cat, and is more like a cross between a human and a dog.  He's an 'in your face' cuddler - I don't know how else to describe it.  He loves being around people - it was clear the first few days of his life - and wants to be wherever the action is.  He was always around, as you can see from the photo below, while our house was being renovated.  The workers had to learn to work around him.

Sometimes I forget just how distinct all my cats' personalities have been.  Neither one of them purrs like Shadow did, and sometimes I try to talk to them like I could with Shadow, but they just stare back at me like I'm crazy, and say nothing.  They are my pride and joy though - all I have to do is look at their first pictures, and see how far they've come!

I've also given them Shadow's Courage award, for surviving a rough childhood, and growing up to be healthy, BIG cats. 
      "Kitty Cat"
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Scrappy in
the cabinet!
Bumper cuddling
Thank you Dawn
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