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This web page is specially dedicated to breastfeeding mums especially those who have difficulty breastfeeding. It was extremely challenging for me to breastfeed my babies. If not for the support of my loving husband and my paeditrician, I probably would have given up both times.

I hope that this website will be a source of support for mums who have problems breastfeeding.  I have included my story and some links which I hope you will find useful.

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my blog for current updates on my breastfed babies.
If your baby is just starting solids and you wish to make your own baby food, you can check out my kitchen page here.

I recently added some poems which I wrote to this website. Inspiration for the poems comes from my husband and children. Here's a quick link to my poems. Just click on the poem title.

I'll Always Be Here

Mummy Play With Me

Just Another Day

Mommy won't you carry me

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