So what are we going to sit still for this time around?

They've taken away our right to light up in government buildings, public buildings, bars and resaurants, tried to prevent us from smoking in our own homes and personal vehicles. Next it'll be those sidewalks and street corners they've assigned us to -- the smokers ghetto; the outdoor un-concentration camps where we're still allowed to have a puff.

They have fined tobacco companies billions of dollars and treated them as if they were south American drug dealers. What next? Military swat teams and CIA agents attacking tobacco fields with flame throwers, helicopters straffing the "contra" tobacco growers?

They have taxed cigarettes 400% over the cost of production for the privilege of not lighting one up in public.

They've "protected the children" until an adult isn't free to choose to smoke unhampered, un-taxed and undiscriminated against. We are the unforgiven.

And people can't see that personal freedom is being eroded. Instead of being the home of the free and the brave America is rapidly becoming the land of the rigid and censorious. Prohibition uber alles!

First tobacco, then peanuts, fat, fast foods, sugar, carbonated drinks... whatever some rabid control freak elects to stamp out.

* * *

Proposals have been made to do everything from smoke-ins in non-smoking establishments to forming a smokers political party and organizing an international smokers front. But what's come of it all?

Not much.

Apparently we're so busy using tobacco we can't be bothered defending our right to do so.

So is it true that among all the other things tobacco is accused of it also destroys the will? Let the antis run with that and we might as well capitulate.

Meanwhile, down in Tulsa, someone is doing something. Two attorneys are bringing a class action against all the above. You may have heard of it. So what?

So if we don't make our voices heard on this one we're a bunch of will-less whiffenpuffs.

This is the one, single, definitive action to be taken in the cause of personal liberty cum smokers rights. We should not only support what's going on in Tulsa, similar actions should be initiated in every state in the nation.

Where is the ACLU in all this?

Where are we?

Quit smoking if you choose, but don't quit fighting for freedom of choice.


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