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Ok first off; I would like to thank you for checking out this, "website in the making".

I will soon be getting more money. So with that said, I will soon update the site to make it even more kick ass, and put more muzic and pics on here for all of you. Hope you enjoy my site untill then. On a sepearte note; I used to play gta3 at least two hours a day. Now I play it like maybe every other week. I also have beaten the game, alot...a hellava four times. When my site is finally up-dated, I will start putting on vids, pics, songs, and web links of any local or upcoming metal or rock bands that you or any one elses tells me about.POOPOO 

I'm pretty sure you can just click on them(links), but if not, just write them down(there down there after last paragraph).  I have posted all known codes for the game.  If you ever have any questions that you would like me to answer for you,(about the game, muzic, or just life in general), just e-mail me at:

Under my cheats link you can find every known cheat for the game.
Under my strategies-link, I have a form you can fill out and hints on how to beat missions.
With my Tips-Link, I will give you hints on certain things that you can do in the game after or before you have beaten the game that are fun to do.

I would like to give recognition to the following:



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