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09/18/03 *** Can all Mystickal Realms members please sign the guestbook linked to My Mystickal Realms Page? I'd appreciate it very much. The geocities book does not accept HTML files, whereas the one attached to my MR page does. Thanks a ton!!!
09/11/03 *** I joined the staff of Mystickal Realms as a Graphics Creator today. I also joined their site competition. It would be great if you all would take a moment to click on the banner below and vote for me at The Witches Circle:
Vote for me at The Witches Circle

and visit my Mystickal Realms Page:
Lyllyth's Mystickal Realms Page.
09/10/03 *** Welsh MoonSpirit (best friend since forever) gave birth today to a healthy darling 5# 11 ounce baby boy. He was born just over 5 weeks early, due to her having gestational diabetes. However, despite this complication, mother and son are both doing wonderfully. I send to you, my sister, the most bountiful blessings of the Mother, and pray for the continued health of both yourself and my "nephew". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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