Exile Forest

Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
new life shall begin
from old rust.
Beginning to end,
total destruction,
a new life to defend,
a new life of resurrection...

As you follow the trail of the desparate survivors, you hear again the savage slashing of the whips, the terrified shrieks of the helpless victims that thought only certian death lay before them...you follow the path, and find yourself in a long dead forest, destroyed by the ravages of evil. Yet, as you peer at the ground, you new shoots popping up, and a single lark pipes overhead, a daring creature. Suddenly, the trail opens into a wide grove, and you see the survivors clustered about the mare, nuzzeling her. Even with the attentions of all the other horses, her head hangs low in grief. As she lifts her head, she spots you and moves toward you slowly. The mare speaks, her voice warm and pleasing to the ear...

I am very sorry you come to us under these circumstances. We have just recently gotten away from a death raid from the evils...that was my mother, Desert Tear, that you saw, sacrificing herself for us...we plan to stay here, and try to recover from the almost complete annihalation of our race.

With that, her throat constricts, and she falls silent for a moment. She then regains control of herself, and continues.

I have been proclaimed by our people to be Queen. I will be in Hidden Glade, should you need me. Farewell...

With that, she fades back into the band of those that lived, healing and consoling....

You watch her go, runes shimmering in the air...Here, sin shall never thrive. 1
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