Devils of Darkness

Onyx hooves pound on black stone. Faster they move, the demons of the night on their heels. Almost at a full stampede, the ground shakes beneath your own hooves, the desparation of their breath filling the air, the shrieks of those who lagged behind resounding in your ears. The crackle of whips slices the moonlight air, the grass wilting at the coming of this caravan of death. They gallop into view, a horrendous sight to eyes of kindness. A small herd of rebellious lights gallop full, foam flying from mouths, eyes rolling with exhaustion. Bloody rents in glowing hides flash brightly in the shattered peace of the night. Wild, shadowy raiders follow relentlessly. Then, an ancient mare whirls around on her pursuers, and rears high in defiance. In anger, the evils whirl around her, slashing and rending her helpless with their talon-sharp hooves. As they beat her, a young mare sneaks away with the last of the lily race. As they gallop out of sight, the demons look around, furious. The brave mare lays in the dry dust, her life blood soaking the parched earth. As her final breath flies to the wild yells of the devils, her head falls into the dark earth, finally defeated. Then, finally giving up on their search, the demons return, heading back toward the kingdom of their leader. A decision fills your mind-do you dare follow the demons back to their home, or do you risk your life following an exiled mare? The choice is forever yours....but your life only lasts so long...

Before your decision is made, the slicing of metal through air whips behind you, raising the hair on your neck. Turning around slowly, you see a large crowd of people forming in a ring about to combatants. Edging your way to the front of the spectacle, a young woman stabs wildly at her opponent, her royal crown laying forgotten in the dust. Her followers jeer at a dark eyed man, obviously the one she is fighting. Her blade slices toward her weaponless opponent, her eyes wild with fury. The man, his skin rippling with exhastion, crouches, his demeanor calm and collected. Dodging her wild thrusts, he grabs her arm, twisting it behind her. Snatching up her sword, he puts it by her neck. Yelling out, he presses the blade into her neck.
"Agree with my terms or die, tyrant! You have held my people under your whip for too long!" The blond shakes her head, her own death knoll. Before she can even finish her first denial, her head lies in the dirt, gazing at you with its sightless eyes. The group, too stunned to speak, does not think to grab him as he races off, on the road of darkness, free from the bonds of slavery that had tied him for so long. They finally race off, realizing that they were now outlaws, forbidden to ever return to their motherland....they race on the road after the lights, their power broken by the death of their leader. The dark man is already out of sight, but his wild war cry echoes in the hilly terrain, making you shiver.
Shall you chance fate? For now, you cannot turn back....

Sleepy Hollow
(dark horses)

Exile Grove
(light horses)

Proscrit Hillock
(light humans)

Demon Canyon
(dark humans)
©2005 Méridal

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