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Monopoly - The Classic Edition

Monopoly - The Classic Edition
From Monopoly

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Monopoly as you remember it. High quality components, original game play and fond memories of great fun! Finally....Monopoly for the specialty retailer! Ages: 8 and up. For 2 to 8 players. Contents Game board Bankers tray Money pad Chance & Community Chest Cards Title Deeds Silver-tone tokens Houses and hotels Dice and instructions.

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1712 in Toys & Games
  • Brand: Monopoly
  • Model: 1126
  • Released on: 2010-09-30
  • Dimensions: 20.00" h x 1.90" w x 10.10" l, 2.45 pounds


  • Monopoly as you remember it
  • High quality components, original game play and fond memories of great fun
  • Bi-fold game board
  • 45 - 60 minutes of play time
  • 2 - 8 players

Editorial Reviews

From the Manufacturer
Relive the Monopoly experiences you remember best from the game's classic years. Inside you'll find the most beloved features, including a traditional bi-fold game board, full-sized money tray, houses and hotels, your favorite tokens, and all the cards, deeds and money that made you feel rich when you first touched them. Authentic rules of play are included too.

Customer Reviews

Great game - just like I remember but better5
Just like I remember but with a better system for the "bank". The flimsy cardboard money divider is slick, black and shiny plastic. Deinitely worth the few extram bucks compared to the cheaper version that so many people complained about. My kids love it - games in progress sit for days on our table.

Classic is best.4
Like many parents, I bought the modern version of Monopoly to play with my kids, only to find out the money tray had shrunk in order to fit the new smaller box. This is not good if you like a tidy place to put the money. So, imagine my surprise and delight to discover they still made the old "Classic" game -- although for more money. I find I really like the Classic better. I suppose, if you never knew the difference, it wouldn't matter. But, once you've tried the "Classic" style, it's hard to go back. Some things can't be improved on.

Monopoly - The Way It Used To Look5
I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a classic version of Monopoly was released in the style that it used to appear. This means: bi-fold board (folds in half, not in quarters), no Rich Uncle Pennybags (Monopoly man) in the center of the game's name, and only the original tokens. Even the design of the packaging has a 70's/80's/90's kind of look, especially on the back side.

At first I was disappointed that the game has plastic hotels and houses, but I did some research, and apparently these pieces have been plastic for decades as far as I can tell. Therefore, you shouldn't hold the plastic pieces against this version.

Bottom line: I'm glad they did this edition accurately, which is usually the case when a retro edition of Monopoly is released.

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