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This is my personal web page, but still under construction.
I`m a 25 years old boy from Budapest, Hungary.
I want to deal with the best car ever, the Volvo 940/960 in my site.
I like mountainbiking, so there is a good MTB video link. All of the pictures and moving gif's are not copyrighted, /I HOPE.../ so You can copy them for free. :) Please do not hesitate to contact me at e-mail, if You have a question, or ideas about the site, etc. Thank You!
Volvo 940/960 Turbo cars
made between `90-`98
My Favorite Links:
The best MTB videos ever!!
All about Volvos
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Name: Juhász "Hegylakó" Miklós
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since 11. november, 2001
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