Site Update Information

23-Jan-02 - Added Proton Pack and Stormtrooper blaster to current projects. Updated Vader Saber in anticipation of the UPS man delivering a package.

16-Jan-02 - The site has been broken for a number of months due to a conflict problem with Geocities, frames and Frontpage. I reworked the site in Dreamweaver and removed the frames and tried to give the site a much simpler look. Now I can get on with updating the content.

6-Jul-01 - Removed anything referring to anyone who trades props.

12-Jun-01 - New pictures in display cabinet including the custom droid caller, microflame torch and ST communicator.  Also a couple of new pictures of my graflex and Luke ROTJ.  Also completed article on building and using a picture vault.

10-May-01 - A little reorganization and spring cleaning.  Also added a new section to the workshop on hints and tips and added the started of a short essay of creating a picture vault as a tool.

19-Apr-01- Added a couple more pictures to the Tatooine Jezail library.

18-Apr-01 - Some formatting changes to nearly every page.  Updates to the eBay tips & FAQ.

17-Apr-01- Changed name of site, but not so much that anyone will notice. Added some new pictures to the Misc. section of the reference library.

10-Apr-01 - Added Tatooine Jezail to the CAD blasters section.

23-Mar-01- Added quite a few more CAD images including HAL, OB1 grenade, Sandman DS gun, Blake's 7 gun and more.  Additional, small updates happening almost daily as I try to make the sight better.

19 Mar 01- Added Microflame torch and reformatted the Miscellaneous section of the Display Cabinet.

5 Feb 01- Added new project, CAD and Library pages for my Space:1999 CommLock project.

9 Jan 01- Added links to Sterling design - work in progress

Dec 00 - Decided it was time for the website to come into the 21st century after months of neglect.  Wanted something less obviously written with FrontPage so I constructed the new Frames UI.  I hope you like it. Update Links; removed broken links and added new ones.

28 Apr 00 - Added the Pulse Rifle blueprints which I have been working on for some time.
Added reference photos for a future project, Ferro's dropship flight helmet (from the Alien's movie).

8 Feb 00 - Added a couple more Force Pike and flight helmet pictures.

4 Feb 00 - Added Naboo Blaster blueprints to the drawing board.

21 DEC 99 - Added Maverick helmet references and eBay tips.

4 DEC 99 - Added several new photos and info especially about my completed Graflex Lightsaber.

3 DEC 99 - I've totally redesigned and published the site using FrontPage 2000.  Hopefully it is now more readable and useful.  If you have any comments or suggestions about the new look please contact me.  Also added some new content to the Reference Library for projects that currently interest me.

4 Aug 99 - Added my plan of Vader's ANH Lightsaber.

16 Jul 99 - Added some more images to the gallery including the plans section. Added a Luke ROTJ plan that I've been working on. Also reduced the size of many images in the gallery for performance.

2 Jul 99 - Added some links.

23 Jun 99 - Added FAQ.

26 May 99 - Prepared site for publishing.

19 May 99 - Finally finished my first Lightsaber project.

22 April 99 - Added projects page and reformatted the Graflex gallery.

19 April 99 - 2 new Graflex pictures and link to Information Unlimited.

16 April 99 - Added my favorite prop links. Maybe someone else will also find them useful.

15 April 99 - Created Site.

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