Vader's Sabre

mppflbw.jpg (20233 bytes)Until recently we all though Vader's Lightsaber was based on a Heiland flash.  Thanks to The Parts of Star Wars we now know different.

vadrsab2.jpg (21842 bytes)Here are pictures of the illusive 3-cell unit was an MPP Microflash manufactured by Micro Precision Products.

heiland23.jpg (4396 bytes)Vader's ANH Lightsaber.

darthrotj.jpg (13134 bytes)Vader's ROTJ Lightsaber (based on a Graflex rather than a Heiland or MPP)

heiland26.jpg (14175 bytes)Large image of Vader's ANH Lightsaber.

dvsaber2.jpg (20621 bytes)Vader's ROTJ Lightsaber.

heiland27.jpg (40381 bytes)A raw Heiland upon which we used to think that Vader's ANH Lightsaber was based.

darthrotj2.gif (51448 bytes)Blueprints of the ROTJ Lightsaber.

heiland14.jpg (12919 bytes)An Icon's replica.

sw_vaders_saber_big.jpg (8958 bytes)Vader's ROTJ Lightsaber from the Magic of the Myth expo.


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