Indiana Jones

idol 0061.JPG (109230 bytes)The Idol from the beginning of "Raiders"

indyzipo.jpg (20851 bytes)Elsa's Zippo from "The Last Crusade".  Here's a great site on making your own.

Battle Droid Blaster (EP1)

tpmblaster1.jpg (41509 bytes)Blaster being held by a battle droid from "The Phantom Menace"

tpmblaster2.jpg (21383 bytes)Battle droid blaster

droidblaster1.jpg (9938 bytes) droidblaster2.jpg (14274 bytes)

Episode 1 Keypad (EP1)

tpmkeypad.jpg (14824 bytes)Gyrda Keypad from "The Phantom Menace".  I don't know if this prop can be seen in the movie but it is shown in the Visual Dictionary


Tatooine Jezail (SW)

From the filming of EP1.  Shows two interpretations of the Tatooine hunting rifle mad for the prequel.

McQuarrie concept painting for ANH showing a sandperson carrying a Jezail style hunting rifle.

The only real pictures of Luke's hunting rifle I've been able to find.  This is from the CCG card.

A tiny picture from the Lucas reference CD (sorry, this is as big as it gets).

blast_rifle.jpg (11086 bytes)A sandperson takes a potshot at a pod racer in Ep1.

luke100thfig.jpg (17837 bytes)Luke's rifle from the 100th edition Luke 12" Action Figure.  I'm wondering if the designers at Hasbro have access to reference material that we haven't seen.

Ralph McQuarrie Concepts (ANH)

This is a concept sketch of a blaster for Stormtroopers.  This was a pre-sterling concept that I plan to build.

This is a concept painting of Luke facing Darth Vader. I plan to build a concept sabre based on this painting.


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