Maverick's Flight Helmet

A slight deviation from the Star Wars / Sci-fi theme but I childishly enjoy the movie "Top Gun".  I want a copy of Maverick's helmet kitted out with PC electronics so that I can use it when I'm being a sim-jock and nobody's watching.  Here are the reference images I've collected.

mav1.jpg (18049 bytes)Maverick in his cockpit wearing his oxygen mask.

mav2.jpg (8720 bytes)Oxygen mask loose.

mav3.jpg (26022 bytes)This picture clearly shows that, unlike the replicas I have seen, the mask receivers are painted not chrome, the screws holding the visor cover are chrome not black, and that the helmet paint scheme is tape over a base blue (note the visible damage to the tape under the 'K'.

mav4.jpg (21848 bytes)Publicity shot in flight gear holding helmet.

mav_replica1.jpg (14593 bytes)Art-work on a Maverick copy by  Chrome receivers and black visor screws are inaccurate.  Cost; $500 helmet + $240 paint job. 

mav_replica2.jpg (16074 bytes)Copy that was being auctioned with the O2 mask with a reserve of $1000!

hgu1.jpg (14946 bytes)Standard, plain HGU-33/P helmet showing interior and exterior. 

hgu2.jpg (18478 bytes)HGU-33/P interior.

hgu6.jpg (46476 bytes)HGU-33/P with mask attached.

hgu7.jpg (55788 bytes)

hgu8.jpg (29439 bytes)The more advanced liner interior.

o2maskreceiver.jpg (15062 bytes)Close-up of an oxygen mask receiver (factory new).

hgu3.jpg (7966 bytes)Headphones mounted in a HGU-33/P

earphone.jpg (11792 bytes)Headphones removed from helmet.

hgu4.jpg (8918 bytes)Another HGU-33/P this time covered in reflective tape.

hgu5.jpg (8570 bytes)Another interior shot of a HGU-33/P.

o2mask.jpg (11273 bytes)Oxygen mask including microphone electronics and mounting straps.



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