Aliens: Ferro's Dropship Helmet

Ferro flying the dropship

These are reference pictures for Ferro's flight helmet.  Ferro was the female dropship pilot in the movie Aliens.  Reference pictures are very hard to come by; if you have any that you might be willing to share then please contact me.

The actual dropship helmet.  If you look very closely you can see evidence of the dress-up details on the left ear.

A regular SPH-4.  This is the common  helicopter helmet upon which this prop is based.  This is the exact one required; note the nylon around the chin strap and mask snaps (some come in leather), the single visor housing and dark visor, the olive drab color and the boom mike.

ear1.jpg (12501 bytes)Thanks to Harry Harris, owner of the Aliens Collection, for this detail shot.  This is the right ear detail which is difficult to spot in the movie.  You can just make it out if you slow-mo' through the sequence in which Ferro gets nailed by an Alien whilst trying to fly in the dropship to recover the marines. 

ear2.jpg (20674 bytes)Another amazing detail picture curtsey of Harry who has been so helpful and supportive.

spunkmeyer1.jpg (29698 bytes)Spunkmeyer's helmet from the book, The Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual.  Spunkmeyer is the dropship's co-pilot.  

spunkmeyer2.jpg (34562 bytes)Spunkmeyer's helmet again.  This item is barely visible in the movie but I believe the ear details are the same on this and Ferro's helmet.  Looking at how clear the details are on Spunkmeyer's helmet compared to Ferro's I speculate that Spunkmeyer's was made first, then the ear dressing details were cast and applied to Ferro's. 


From the movie, Ferro gets nailed by the alien.

Stills from the movie.  Notice Spunkmeyer in the background of the second shot.


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