The Continuing Adventures of One Man on a Tight Budget in Replica Movie Prop Building...

"Try not.  Do, or do not.  There is no try."

If there's a bright center to the web, you're on the site it's farthest from.  Hi, I'm Wan-Obi Jedi; movie hound, Star Wars geek and proprietor of this mud hut on the web. This website does not pretend to be comprehensive in any way. It is simply a log of my slow adventures trying to construct accurate hand props from cheap hardware, toy store and trash can materials. It is composed of the following sections;

Photo Scrapbook - I collect as many canonical references as possible for my projects. Here are some of the pictures I have found useful.

Drawing Board - I often draw up plans of what I intend to build. Here are some of the CAD designs I have constructed.

Workshop - When I get the time I go to my workbench and try to build props.  Here are some of the projects I have completed or am working on.

Display Cabinet - If the results of my efforts are half decent, they end up on display in my house and on the web.

In addition you can find information about my favorite links etc. I hope you find something of interest or of use here.

Note: My free time is almost as limited as my finances so I'm sorry but I do not sell, or build props for others.

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