Me, Atheist: The personal, softer side of a much-misunderstood person.

Contrary to popular belief, atheists are not easily spotted amongst "everyday people". We look and talk like everyone else and are prone to exclaming, "My god!", "Goddammit!" and "Jesus H. Christ!". I don't speak for other atheists, but I do in fact lead a fantastically normal life.
Like most people of my age, I'm 25. I married a nice young man in the Navy, a Deist for all practical purposes. I'm an anthropology major. Bored? Here are some pictures of my godless self.

My early life as a Circassian Beauty in an 1879 freak show. My stage name was Zombalebediah Zekehorse. Yes your hair can freeze that way.

A few years later, as a Madam in a parlour house. Bodie, CA.

More recently, as a motel owner. Come stay with Mother and me sometime, cause business has been going down the drain.

There it is, my excruciatingly normal and boring life.

Giving Thanks: I'd like to thank Me for giving Myself the power and creativity to write this page. For it was I that spoke and said, I shall write an atheist website, and I was inspired. Thanks to my supportive and loving husband.

The Huz, caught in parlour house.

Thanks to Crinis "I'll track you down someday" Villa for the domain, the creative input and the constant threats. Thanks to A-1 Icon and Icon Bazaar for the graphics and various what-nots. Thanks to, you know, everyone else.

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