The Coming of the Tide

An allegory of Christ on the cross.

by Kari Glover

I did not expect it to end so soon. Years ago, when my thoughts were vulnerable, I had been convinced my life would continue on into eternity. Never did I think about death- because I... I was headed toward glory. Glory. The word had always encompassed my world with a gentle, yet magnificent glow of light. But no longer. Now, as I continue on my journey into the dark night, I have lost all. Well... all except this block of wood I carry upon my shoulders. The tide has risen above my reach and I am drowned.

Mother had always told me I would be a leader. As a young child, I prepared stories and fables to recite to my fellow peers. Occasionally, audiences of ten to fifteen children would attend. When I had finished, I would stand, gather my belongings, and begin my journey home, often with all the young ones following after me. Then, they grew up, as did I.

While the majority of my peers became carpenters, farmers, merchants and grocers, I stood alone. I wanted to be somebody special. Ambitious visions of others following in my footsteps often came to me. Not just the ignorant children hoping to hear another fairy tale, I wanted to lead all the people. This dream I wished to conquer. For decades, perhaps centuries after, parents would speak of me to their young ones, remembering my name. I would have fame... I would have glory.

I began preaching in the village of my childhood, teaching the people about a paradise awaiting hereafter. Unfortunately, the rocky cliffs had grown accustom to the rising of the tide. The ignorant children had entered adulthood and were no longer interested in my foolish tales. I could no longer deceive them, for they knew my ways.

My failures lead me northeast, and it is northeast where my dreams did find me. Each day I would spend traveling from town to town feeding my ambitious hunger with hordes of believers following my path. I was their king. It mattered not what words my speeches held... the people still cheered. I had used these innocent victims to fulfill my aggressive aspirations.

My dishonesty became their reality. I could have halted my actions... prevented this tragedy I now face. I could have... Oh, how I now wish I had... had backed away and thrown out my visions... my ambitions! I am not who I seem! I have deceived the people, the innocent, my peers, now I am drowned... drowned in my rising success.

Power had rushed into my ravenous hands, only to slip through my paltering fingers. My thoughts were corrupted by the craving for glory -- the gentle glow of glory which now has been lost in the eternity of darkness. My destination is upon me, and soon I too... will be lost.

I will be lost... No! I don't want it to end this soon. I can't... Not yet... I'm not ready! I wish I could take back what I said... Take it all back... but it is too late. Soon, I'll be gone... lost. Please...somebody... anybody! Don't let me die! Don't watch me waste away... No. Shame. Regret. I could have prevented this... but I didn't. I am just another man... destroyed.

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