The Brown Stain of Jesus?

More Muslims live in Indonesia than in any other nation. In fact, only 10% of the population are Christians. Admittedly, the Christians have got it bad, as any minority religion would. Well, their proof that Jesus Christ really is the saviour is that he has appeared, apparently to unite everyone. Problem is the Lord, the Son of God, whatever you call him, has appeared in the form of brown water stains on a white wall in front of a white house. Jesus, looking up with outstretched hands, is the product of wishful thinking by the hundreds of Christians who gathered around the house. The owner of the house, a Muslim, takes the miraculous stain in stride: "I do not mind Christians believing it is an image of Jesus and crowding around the house but I would prefer if they did not hold midnight prayer vigils." I doubt that a stain is enough to convince two religions to coexist peacefully. Personally, I'd be embarassed if my lord and saviour appeared as a water stain. Not too flattering.

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