Bible-Reading Campaign

Here's a recent example of how silly Christians are out to push their religion on unsuspecting people. This article appeared in the Press-Enterprise, April 1, 1999:

"In what is being billed as 'the largest Bible-reading campaign in the history of America,' the Rev. Pat Robertson hit the stage Wednesday at Grand Central Terminal.

'We want to make Bible reading cool in America," said Robertson, introduced by actress Lynn Whitfield as strobe lights flashed across the ceiling of the station's Vanderbilt Hall.

TV ads for 'The Book' -- in both a hip-hop and a country-western version -- feature Smokey Robinson, MC Hammer, Chaka Khan, Andrae and Sandra Crouch, Charlie Daniels and Naomi Judd. The ad campaign is costing $7 million."

I haven't personally seen any of the ads. I also think it's sad that these people feel like they have to push their religion at all. This is clearly propaganda using celebrities - role models - to appeal to those who believe anything they're told. It's just another lousy proselytizing tactic. What really disturbs me is that they're allegedly spending $7 million to promote what's already one of the world's most popular religions. Does that bother anyone, even my Christian readers? Can anyone possibly think of a better way to spend this money?

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