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This is an elegant and fragrant site, featuring original and contributed articles presented in a friendly and intelligent format. Made of the finest petroleum by-products with almost no cholesterol, my site has been shaved smooth so as not to irritate the gums of grandma and grandpa. Enjoy and cheers!

This site was created by an atheist for both atheists and theists. Please be advised that this site may contain offensive material to those who believe strongly in a deity(s) and feel that everyone else should do the same.
The views given throughout this site (including the links) are mine unless otherwise noted and do not necessarily represent those of anybody else.

*Last updated on 9 November, 2002.
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Uncalled-For Hate Mail

by Meretricula

I state above my e-mail address that nasty comments are not
necessary when writing to me. Some people take the opportunity
anyway. Sometimes I ignore them completely or write something
pleasant back to them. You, the reader, never see that stuff,
but a recent conversation is a gem. In the vein of hatred toward
atheists I first presented in an article about Robert Lee, I give
you another example. I stress that these letters are few and far
between, and most letters in disagreement with my site are
well-composed and friendly.

The Brown Stain of Jesus? The Controversy in a Christian Theme Park
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Evolution Prevails in Kansas Separation of Church and State Enforced in Bible Belt
An Atheist PoemHate Mail

Contributed articles:

Recent Contributed Article:

Aloha's 12 Steps for Addiction Recovery

Finally, a Twelve Step program that doesn't rely on religion and god.


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The Five Gospels of Atheism
Just For Hoots
The Problem of Evil Reader Comments (Updated 7/9)
Hubbub & Hodgepodge

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