Reconditioning the Flock

by Paul

I have never understood the concept of praying
Most do it out of guilt to achieve peace of mind
Futile actions with even more fruitless results
It is merely a shield for the weak to hide behind
God gave you a free will to live as you please
You are just on a short leash in a big prison cell
Benevolent you say - he loves all of his children
If that is the case then why must there be a hell?
While pipe dreams keep the spiritual path well lit
Christians seem to drift astray - to say the least
Then it is back to church to regain some direction
Don't leave your young boys alone with the priest!
The time has come for reconditioning of the flock
Put all your fears of eternal damnation to sleep
If you desperately need a shepherd to guide your way
You are nothing more than a mindless bunch of sheep
How many unfulfilled prophecies will it have to take
For you superficial people to finally see the light
How many more unanswered prayers will it have to take
For you to finally realize that Darwin was right!

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