Perhaps I understand, at least, a little. You seem to think that Christianity is about doing things that please God, or not doing things that displease God, i.e. rules. You are displeased that the Bible is not clear about rules. I assure you that Christianity has nothing to do with following rules. The gift of God is eternal life and it is absolutely free and without strings attached. We are allowed to freely choose whether we want that gift or not. Furthermore, we cannot, through accident or misunderstanding or lack of knowledge, make the choice we would not otherwise have made.




I am unclear about where you stand regarding this debate. Do you not want to answer my questions from my previous e-mail? Do you want to end it here? Please let me know...

I am not displeased that the bible is not "clear about the rules". I don't really care, I'm only pointing out its fallacies. Also, I'll bet you a nickel that to most Christians, Christianity has a lot to do with pleasing that god. Most religions have that common theme, and Christianity is no different. Otherwise, what would the point be in even having a god? If Christianity has nothing to do with following any rules, then why do the Ten Commandments exist? Why is there a threat of eternal damnation? Why do missionaries try to convert people of different religions? Of Jesus you said that "If you become His follower, He will tear down everything that is not built upon Him...The basic, fundamental sin is that I have a right to myself and He is determined to tear every bit of that out." And Christianity still has nothing to do with pleasing your god or following any rules? From your quote, you have, whether you meant it or not, made Christianity seem like a dictatorship, and that has everything to do with making your leader happy and following the rules. Of course you have the choice of accepting the religion or not, but if you do, you've got to follow the rules or be punished. Even if you do not choose Christianity, you will be subjected to Christians trying to tell you what the rules are.


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