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I guess I don't know about the issues over whether trees were created before man or vice versa. Can you explain?

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls shows that those pesky Bible rewriters (thankfully) have not been very active in the last 2000 years at least. In order to make changes, those rewriters must have had access to all, or most of, the copies (obviously handwritten copies). After the rule of Solomon, when Israel was divided, that would have been very difficult.

I'm with you on one point. I also can't understand why people believe in God. Christian doctrine is that belief is a gift of God for those (and only those) who seek Him and leaves it at that. What I think I understand is why some people seek God and others do the opposite.

I also don't fully understand what you wrote:

Saying that "To rule that God exists is like asking our parents to come back to run our lives for us." is a very good point. However it is not a reason to repell a god but instead a reason to accept one even further. That's what people want. They want someone to rule their lives for them. And from my point of view, that's one of the problems with the whole idea.

Were you being a little sarcastic?




The trees and man thing is located here: GE 1:11-12, 26-27, trees were created before man was created. GE 2:4-9, man was created before trees were created.

I honestly don't know what the Dead Sea Scrolls have to do with bible rewriters. But I do know that bible rewriters had to have been active within the last 2000 years. It is well documented that the church edited down all of the books of the bible until they had what they wanted in about 400 CE. They rewrote passages, including one from Eusebius, and deleted them, such as the "Secret Gospel of Mark." The Catholic Council of Carthage had access to most of the writings that were eventually included or deleted to form the Old and New Testaments. There are no original documents in existence.

I wasn't being sarcastic at all about saying that people want someone to rule their lives for them. I honestly don't believe that this is in anyway a reason to want to disbelieve in a god. From what I've heard, this is a very comforting thought and a reason to accept the Christian god. Whenever I hear someone talking about their god and Jesus, they're always speaking of comfort, guidance, healing, strength, etc, and they are apparently very much drawn to this. I say Christian god, because in other religions (ancient Roman paganism, for example) the parentage concept does not exist and could in fact be a repellent as you suggested.

You say you can't understand why people believe in god. From your experience, why do you believe? And more specifically, why do you believe in the Christian god?


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