Hi, When I talked about China, I was talking about mainland China; ie, not Hong Kong and not Taiwan which are clearly different. When I talked about the communists taking over in the late 1940's, I meant to exclude those two places. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

Secondly, I did allow that there are some carefully controlled Christian churches in the larger cities.

The Communist Chinese cannot stand to have preached any authority higher than the ruling party. Current news has the chinese government cracking down on some (what sounds to me like) new age religion. They think it's a threat to their official policy of atheism.

I also am not talking about evangelizing Chinese outside of China.

Perhaps if you have any specific links to "missionaries to mainland China", I would be happy to look at them.




What more can be said about China? You estimate that -- on the mainland -- "twenty thousand chinese a day are being converted to Christianity". In the first place, I wonder how you can back this by any reputable survey or study, but more importantly, what difference does it make? No gods are converting the Chinese, they're evangelizing by word of mouth. It doesn't demonstrate that the bible is incredibly powerful and rich. It's a craze. Millions of North Americans partake in the fast food craze. Does that mean it's a wonderful thing? Not only that, America is sending fast food to other countries to start the same craze elsewhere. Just because McDonalds sells twenty thousand hamburgers a day in the USA or China doesn't make it good and healthy for the people.

In an earlier e-mail, or page two of the debate on my site, you mention the "body of...reasons to believe". I find it hard to swallow that Christianity becomes believable just because someone claims up to 20,000 Chinese convert per day. I am still waiting for your body of reasons to believe. You haven't explained your initial search for a god; did you search for any other gods besides the Christian version? How about goddesses? What brings you to the conclusion that many Christians are just atheists pretending to be Christians? Is there a point to that? How do you know that they're not wrong? What makes the bible so rich when much of it is lifted from other religions? And lastly, are Lutherans the only true Christians? I am still very interested in these topics, and would appreciate answers to these questions.


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