This is a great debate that went on for a bit between two of my readers, Adam Harshman and Dave Holloway. Unfortunately, it ended rather ubruptly...

On April 18, Adam wrote:

In the third paragraph under A Little Intro, Please... your twisting of the quotes of creationists proves little. Douglas Adams' quote that God does not prove himself is misleading. God does prove himself. Everyday to billions of Christians and believers across the world. If you'd like to use quotes that apply to mainstream Christians I'd suggest looking to the only source of information that we all look to. The Bible. Mr. Adams' may be one heck of a scholar on the Bible and can say what he likes but nowhere in the Bible does it say that God will not prove himself to man. Examples of proof God gave man in the Bible. Burning bush: Moses, Resurection of Christ, Fulfillment of prophecy: Old and New Testament. And dozens of others. So the statement that God doesn't prove Himself has no ground to stand on. Look up Hebrews 2:4 He clearly states that He has proved himself.

In Christ
<>< Adam Harshman

On April 22, Dave wrote:

First of all, the Burning Bush -- there is no evidence whatsoever that that is an actual historical event outside of the bible. The Resurrection -- ditto. Apologists harp on that one more, for obvious reasons, but none of the "evidences" they have offered in favor of the resurrection being an actual historical event have withstood rational scrutiny. Fulfilled prophecies -- there are none. None of the biblical candidates for fulfilled prophecy have withstood rational scrutiny either. Feel free to submit evidence for any of these three events, and I'll be happy to tell you why it doesn't cut the mustard. However, the main gist of your message was that God HAS proved himself to man. You cited Hebrews 2:4 as support for this notion. However, simple empirical evidence is sufficient to refute this: the existence of billions of nonbelievers in Christianity. If God wanted to prove himself convincingly enough, it stands to reason that all or almost all of the earth's population would be Christians. That is not the case. Therefore, either the Christian god does not give a rip about convincing people, or he does not exist. The latter is more likely, since all the evidence suggests that if the Christian god -did- exist, he would want to reveal himself to humanity.



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