Finally, a Twelve Step program that doesn't rely on religion and god. The author encourages you to change them in order to accomodate different situations. In addition, please visit as an alternative to AA and NA programs.

Aloha's 12 Steps for Addiction Recovery

  1. I admit I have an addiction that I cannot seem to control and that I had allowed this addiction to take over my life.

  2. I realized that I required help from others to restore my life, especially from those struggling with overcoming addiction themselves.

  3. I have decided to draw upon the strength of the love I have for myself, family, friends, and humanity to motivate me to recover from my addiction.

  4. I have made an honest assessment of my life and the impact my life has had upon others.

  5. I acknowledge my past wrongs and accept responsibility for those wrongs.

  6. I know that I cannot change the mistakes I made in my past or those things that were beyond my control, so I choose to focus on the future to assist me in changing my life for the better.

  7. I actively seek to take whatever steps necessary from whatever sources that are available to help me achieve and maintain recovery from my addiction, and I have told those concerned for my welfare of my desire to change my life.

  8. I made personal amends to those whom I have wronged, when possible. When not possible, I have taken other appropriate actions to make indirect amends.

  9. I forgive those I believe had wronged me in the past, because to do so frees my heart and will deny fuel to my addiction.

  10. I shall reflect regularly upon my life, recognize my shortcomings, and take proper action when I am wrong or when it is otherwise necessary.

  11. By using the power of my love as a guide, and by accepting the love, concern and help offered by others, I will try to remain vigilant against overconfidence, and will strive to reject any excuse, reason or emotion that threatens to return me to an addictive lifestyle.

  12. Finally, my strongest hopes are to become and remain a “Born Again Human Being,” whose life and relationships are not burdened by my addiction; to make a positive impact by encouraging and helping others in their own struggles against addiction; and, to one day be able look back upon my life with satisfaction and inner peace.

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