Welcome to the City of Nightsky, Va. One of the last safe zones where time has stopped, and all are waiting for the results of the millenium battle. The Night World, Daybreak, and Humans are living in this city and encounters are un-avoidable, but the Night Worlders are still enforcing the laws where they can.

1) don't let the humans know about the Night World

2) Don't fall in love with humans

All characters are welcome, and needed as we are just starting.. Come walk the streets of the city, or prowl in the forests nearby...


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Disclaimer: We do not own nor do we take credit for the ideas used in this undertaking. L.J. Smith is the creator of the nightworld and vampire diaries, and all of her characters, stories, art, and such are her property. We merely walk happily in her creative shadow. Origional characters are the property of their creators/owners as well as any writings, storylines, art, fanfic or such form of creativity.
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