The Musicians Singer
It was a solo part in a high school musical in Ottawa, Ontario that displayed Norma's warm contralto voice to the public for the first time.

Mart Kenney and His Western Gentlemen were the most widely known band at the time. The West, A Nest and You Dear became a familiar theme song as they toured across Canada and broadcast from live events. The sweet, swinging tunes were like a breath of fresh air during a very difficult period in history. When Mart heard Norma sing, he recognized her ability and was struck by the beauty of her voice and the intelligent sensitivity with which she sang. She joind his band in 1944 aand rapidly became known where ever the famous band played.

Mart and Norma married in 1952 and continued their careers in the east until the late 1960's. Norma was featured on many national radio and television shows as well as singing with the Western Gentlemen. Because of her perfectionist attitude toward her work she became know as the "musicians singer".

Retirement was in the plans when the Kenney's moved to British Columbia but the fans would not have it. They continued with performances and public service in their new home of Mission, BC.

One of Norma's many interests led her to become involved in the establishment of the Fraser River Heritage Park which opened during Expo year, 1986. Visitors to that park today cannot help but be impressed by the majesty of the surroundings reflecting on the words to Norma's own composition, "In the Shadow of the Mountain".

Norma lost her battle with cancer in 1990 but to remember her is to remember her remarkable musical accomplishments and her contributions to her community.
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