Swinging Musical Showcase

Mart Kenney, together with The New Ballroom Orchestra and Priscilla Wright on vocals recorded in 2000 in Mart's 90th year, blends nostalgic and contemporary sounds with unique arrangements with a 21st Century influence.
Duke Ellington Medley
Cool, Really Cool!
Berkeley Square
Big Band Broadcast Blues
Deed I Do
As Time Goes By
Swing It, Baby! 
Alone Together
PS I Love You 
Autumn in New York
Put on a Happy Face
You're an Old Smoothie
Wartime Medley
Nearness of You
     The West, A Nest and You
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Awards and Firsts
Norma Locke
Mart Kenney Biography
Awards & Firsts
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Norma  Locke
Victory Parade Medley
I Wonder What Became of Sally
Blue Danube Waves
No Strings Medley
Creol Love Song
Waltz Medley
Heart Of Mine
It's Wonderful
Wooden Heart You Belong to my Heart
     The West, A Nest and You
In The Shadow of the Mountain
You Belong to my Heart
My Funny Valentine
I Remember Suzanne
Something Old, Something New
Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
I Thought About You
PS I Love You
Christmas is a-Coming
     The West, A Nest and You
The West A Nest and You Dear (Insturmental)
Blue Tahitian Moonlight (Art Hallman, Vocals)
Smiles (Art Hallman, Vocals)
Sometime (Georgia Dey, Vocals)
There's Rain in my Eyes (Art Hallman, Vocals)
There's Honey on the Moon Tonight (Georgia Dey, Vocals)
Gee It's Good to Hold You (Roy Robers, Vocals)
Heart of Min (Georgia Dey, Vocals)
You're Sailing at Midnight (Art HJallman, Vocals)
Surrender (Roy Roberts, Vocals)
Something Old, Something New (Norma Locke, Vocals)
When the Moon Bids the Night goodbye (Georgia Dey, Vocals)
Waltzing Matilda (Quartet)
We're Proud of Canada (Mart Kenney Composition  Art Hallman, Vocals
The West A Nest and You Dear (Norma Locke, Vocals)
Remembering Mart Kenney
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