The best Manics site around Now the oldest Manics site on the net. Good content and good message board nice site layout too.

Madbob's Manics guitar page
Not very many yet but still very accurate tabs. Great site.
One of the best Manics news sites around. Also has lyrics, videos, etc.

Culture Of Destruction Great multimedia content. Monthly quiz, rare mp3s, latest news, free e-mail.,/p>

Sorrow 16
Still in early stages. Not many tabs but the ones that are there are very good.

FMak's Manics guitar page
Lots of quality tabs. Great guitar site.

Forever Delayed
Another great Manics news site. VERY good at updating. Good content as well. I downloaded all of the Manics songs that they did live on Jools Holland from this site.

Motown Junk
Good Manics site. Will soon have a full guitar tab archive. 

Manics official site
First site to show Manics videos and audio. Used to be very bad but now it's ok.

Manics Guitar Guide
Every Manics tab that you've seen is probably on his site. He's also uploading the whole Manics Manchester Apollo 27th gig.

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