Hi, Kia Ora and welcome to the Ranger page for Manaia Tai. We are the boating, tramping, outdoorsy types that take adventure in our stride.

We are a small group of 2-6 Rangers aged 13-18 (not including our leaders whose age we won't list). We have two brilliant leaders who organise us.

We kayak in the summer and do theory in the winter (boring!). We have also done lots of other kool stuff too, e.g. scrimshaw.

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Ai, ai ai! It's been a year since we updated again. So in the last year we have:
Farewelled Trouble Jr
Welcomed G. (who is currently a fair weather (i,e, Summer) Ranger)
Worked on Comunications Highway, Asia Pacific Environmentalist Interest Certificates, Marketing Certificate and The Right to Work Together.

We caught up on our investitures! Now everyone is reenrolled except G., and we've had lots of fun running around town dressed in fairywings or pushing shopping trolleys.

We won the Ranger Team Challenge again - with the cool movie E. made of our enrolments in town (and our ice cream eating skills).

This year we saw a Romanian film at the Film Festival -
The Death of Mr Larezescu And of course we did lots of kayaking over the summer.


We're currently working on "The Lure of Language" Interest Certificate. Sugar is very close to completing her Queens Guide Award (she's a Guide Leader now too), and Snoopy has completed her Peak Award and is considering what to do for her Expedition Permit.


Tweety to Wildflower: "Rinse your hands in the refrigerator before you wipe them on my head"
-Thinking Day Overnight 2004

If you really want to experience love, you have to take a risk. Love is ALWAYS worth the risk.


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