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Anthropology and Archaeology
Rock music ("Muse", for example)
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Yahoo! ID: malish666il
Real Name: Nataly or
Location: somewhere between hell and heaven
Gender: Female
Occupation: student
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Hobbies: Books,music,TV, net - anything legal to escape from real world
Latest News: Old same, old same - study, work ... at short - boring %)
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"Cuique suum"
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Remembering Kathy

Funny quotes etc......!!HERE!! Me and flint....
(Power point presentation) Be patient - it's really slow 8(

Funny and not...
in Russian

Me and Photoshop...

My cat (in Russian)

Little bit more about me HERE
Few weeks ago I discovered live journals...
in Russian and in Hebrew

From one of my favorite poets:

To The Reader

by Charles Baudelaire

Stupidity, mistake, stinginess, vice
Absorb our minds and drain our bodies force
And we feed our kindly remorse
Like beggars nourish their lice.

Our sins are persistent, our repentance lacking,
We will pay dearly to confess
And will end gaily back in the muddy mess
Believing our vile tears can wash the stains from their backing.

On the pillow of evil is Satan, greatest of kings, philosophers, priests,
Who continually swings our delighted souls
And turns the rich metal of our will
To vapor with his lucent alchemies.

It's the Devil who pulls the strings we press!
In repugnant things we find some charms kept;
Each day towards Hell we descend another step
Without horror, to traverse the fetid darkness

Like the wastrel who kicks and bites
The martyred tit of an ancient hooker
We steal a passing clandestine pleasure
Like juice from old oranges squeezed tight.

Teeming like a million worms
Demons people our brains
And, when we breathe, in our lungs death remains
Drop down, invisible river, with mute moans

If rape, poison, dagger, fire
Have not yet embroidered a pleasing design,
The banal canvas has our pitiful fate defined
It is our soul, alas, not daring to aspire.

Yet among the jackals, panthers and hounds,
The monkeys, scorpions, vultures and snakes,
The monsters that yap, howl, groan, crawl and shake
In the squalid menagerie where our defects are unbound,

There is one more mean, more vulgar, more ugly, more cold;
Although it lets no great gesture, no great cry, free
It would easily turn the earth to debris
And in a yawn would swallow the globe.

It's Boredom!Uncontrolled tears make the eye thicken,
It dreams of scaffolds and smoking a hookah,
You know, hypocrite reader, this sensitive creature
brother reader my likeness my twin.


I hope that it help you.... :0)



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