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Who we are Our laboratory is little, nice place, which full with good, but little bit crazy MA (mostly) students of prehistory (I'm one of them). We work mostly on few big projects: El-Wad excavation (yours modest servant is one of them :)), Myslia excavation, Ohalo excavation, Tel Roim excavation and Salibya Basin project. It's without any doubt effect on ours mind and soul, so don't be surprise, if anything here look weird :)

Our lab placed in Zinman Institute of Archaeology, that located at Haifa University on top of Mount Carmel (north of Israel). Few of us working not in prehistory laboratory, but in archaeozoology laboratory. But our hearts belongs to prehistory...

Few lines about me
Our excavations Funny quotes
El-Wad Me and Photoshop
Ohalo II Few songs (that I like)

This is one of the most common thinks, that we do during a excavation..... No wonder, why we behave like we do.... %)

Funny and not in Russian
Bizat Ruhama Flint and me (PowerPoint)
Our entertainment
Our news Remembering Kathy
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